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High school is hard - high school is so hard!

High school was not easy for me. I struggled to navigate school and homework, friends, and parties. I suffered from anxiety, and probably a little ADHD. I would fight with my parents about why - why on earth - was I required to take a third language class. It was a nightmare – for all involved.

As a young adult, I fell in love with tutoring, and later and teaching, and worked to find the best way to support my students. I didn’t want to simply teach them math and physics, I wanted to mentor them through the storm that is high school. This is why I started Spark Tutors. I wanted to create a unique tutoring service whose mission is to make high school easier for both students and parents.

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All our services are offered in-home and online. Contact us here about online services. 

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Spark provides SAT/ACT test prep, as well as subject test prep. All test prep comes with Test Analysis to best assist your child.


At Spark, we offer exceptional tutoring to help your child succeed in those challenging courses like AP Chemistry and Calculus.

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Summer Learning Loss is real!
Allow Spark to help your child succeed next year with summer prep. We will review previous materials as well as lay the groundwork for the upcoming year!


Sparks help students become better, more independent learners, inside and outside the classroom. Our tutors focus on a variety of skills from organization and note-taking to self-advocacy and self-sufficiency.

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Have you ever had one of those teachers who’s been out of school for so long they seem to have forgotten how confusing the material can be? They brush over it as if it were obvious. 

You won't find any of those at Spark Tutors! 

Yeah, our tutors are all experts in their subject matter, but they are also extremely effective communicators. They are able to break down challenging concepts into small, applicable steps. Our tutors are trained to adapt their teaching style to your student's learning needs.

They also form strong, trusting relationships with each of their students, enabling them to be effective mentors, helping their students to become well-rounded, successful young adults.

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Calculus & Physics

Lola received a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. She tutored and taught engineering classes throughout her college career and has been working as a math and science teacher for two years.

In her free time, Lola is pretty active; she loves to hike, snowboard and sail. She is also a botanist in training, with over one-hundred house plants!


We felt extremely lucky to find out about Lola from Spark Tutors. A friend recommended her, and she is an amazing resource for tutoring! She was quickly able to identify holes in my son's math background. She covers a lot of material in one hour and understands how my son learns best. Lola helped him gain confidence in his math ability. Lola is professional, always on time, organized, and responsive.

Heather W

Lola from Spark Tutors is an exceptional tutor!  We were referred to Lola from a friend who highly recommended her for math tutoring.  Our son says that she caters to his learning style and is able to simplify and break down difficult concepts that make it easy for him to understand.  From a parent's perspective, she is well organized, timely, responsive, and easy to work with.  This school year is coming to an end but we look forward to working with her next year as well.   Thank you Lola!

Chance K


We have used both Lola and Jaz, both women are amazing, extremely well organized and have helped our children be successful in Math, Spanish, and Science. We will certainly be working with them again next year. Thank you.

Hellen W

Lola is the greatest tutor you will ever meet! We are so fortunate we found her. Whether your student needs 1:1 instruction to perform better or to promote early, she is fantastic. Her math/physics knowledge is matched by her ability to connect with kids and teach in a manner they learn from and enjoy. We have referred her to multiple other families whom also adore her. Lola is professional, friendly, reliable, flexible easy going and so, so smart.

Dawn B



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