LOLA - Physics & Calculus

Lola received a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. She tutored and taught engineering classes throughout her college career and has been working as a math and science teacher for two years.

In her free time, Lola is pretty active; she loves to hike, snowboard and sail. She is also a botanist in training, with over one-hundred house plants!


JAZ - Math

Jaz earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics for Single-Subject Teaching from San Diego State University. She tutored throughout high school and college on the side. Funny story: one time, a parent she tutored for paid her in fresh chicken eggs! (No longer accepted as a form of payment.) Since then, Jaz has been teaching middle and high school math and Spanish for three years. 


When she’s not teaching or tutoring, Jaz spends time painting, learning a new recipe, or exploring a craft. She’s a crafty gal and loves to make things!


KELSEY - Biology & Chemistry

Kelsey received her Bachelor's degree in Human Biology from UC San Diego. Since graduating, she has worked as a substitute teacher and science tutor in both Los Angeles and San Diego. 

In her free time Kelsey enjoys dancing (she was a member of the UC San Diego Dance Team) and hanging out with her dog!


Kimberly graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a joint degree in Biology and Chemistry. After graduating, she worked as a high school substitute teacher in Washington state. She moved back to San Diego in August of 2019 to pursue a Master’s degree in Nursing from the University of San Diego.


In her free time, she loves spending time outdoors, and enjoys hiking and relaxing by reading books at the beach.

KIMBERLY - Biology & Chemistry


Brianna earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry - Cell Biology at UC San Diego. She is currently obtaining a Master's of Science in Nursing at the University of San Diego, hoping to become a pediatric nurse.

When she has free time, Brianna runs a small woodworking business and loves to create new art pieces. She also loves being outdoors, whether it’s at dog-beach in Ocean Beach or on a hike!

BRIANNA - Biology & Chemistry


JORDAN - Advanced Math

Jordan earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Carleton College. He tutored throughout college and spent two years tutoring math full-time in the Chicago public school system before moving to San Diego. 


Currently, Jordan is working for SANDAG as a Criminal Justice Research Assistant. In his free time, Jordan loves to bike, cook and play chess.


LENA - Biology & Chemistry

Lena received her Bachelor’s degree in both Biology and Child and Family Development, and she has a minor in Arabic and Islamic Studies. She's been tutoring child and family development, biology, chemistry, and math for three years. She plans on attending medical school next fall.


During her free time she likes to hike, read and do pencil drawings. She is currently working towards pursuing her medical degree.

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