LOLA - Physics & Calculus

Lola received a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. She tutored and taught engineering classes throughout her college career and had been working as a math and science teacher for four years before starting Spark Tutors. 

In her free time, Lola is pretty active; she loves to hike with her puppy, Loki, snowboard, and sail. She is also a botanist in training, with over one-hundred house plants!


JAZ - Math

Jaz earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics for Single-Subject Teaching from San Diego State University. She tutored throughout high school and college on the side. Since then, Jaz has been teaching middle and high school math and Spanish for three years. 


When she’s not teaching or tutoring, Jaz spends time painting, learning a new recipe, or exploring a craft. She’s a crafty gal and loves to make things!


Kelsey received her Bachelor's degree in Human Biology from UC San Diego. Since graduating, she has worked as a substitute teacher and science tutor in both Los Angeles and San Diego. 

In her free time Kelsey enjoys dancing (she was a member of the UC San Diego Dance Team) and hanging out with her dog!

KELSEY - Biology & Chemistry


Eadoh earned a Master's degree in Marine Biology from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and earned his undergraduate degree in Marine Sciences with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Delaware. After finishing his degrees, he has worked as a Science Educator at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

When he is not teaching or talking about science, Eadoh loves to spend time outside snorkeling or hiking. He also loves to curl up with a good book.

EADOH - Biology 


Yali received her Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics from San Diego State University. She was a college math tutor and it inspired her to become a high school math teacher Since graduating, she has worked as a high school math teacher in San Diego.


In her free time Yali enjoys going on hikes, visiting new places and hanging out with her dogs!

YALI - Math


Maggie earned her Bachelor’s degree in writing from Point Loma Nazarene University. She was homeschooled through elementary school so she really enjoys learning in creative ways outside the traditional classroom. She has worked extensively with children across multiple fields including swimming, ministry, and teaching English.


When not working, Maggie reads a book a day, watches anime, and works on her aerial silks skills.

MAGGIE - English


CLARISSA - Elementary School

Clarissa earned a Master's degree in Anthropology from San Diego State University in 2018. During her graduate studies, she tutored student athletes and facilitated an education outreach program focused on the history and culture of the Kumeyaay people. Her more recent experiences include working for a nonprofit focused on STEM education and teaching English as a Second Language online. 


In her free time Clarissa enjoys listening to podcasts, doing Pilates, and hanging out with her two cats: Kitty and Tajín. 


GABE -  Biology & Chemistry

Gabe received his Bachelor’s degree in Biological Anthropology at UC Berkeley before achieving a 4.0 in his medical school prerequisites post grad at SDSU. He has a background in childcare and coaching and plans to begin medical school in the fall of 2021.


His favorite subject to tutor is Organic Chemistry and he spends most of his free time surfing. 


Lena received her Bachelor’s degree in both Biology and Child and Family Development, and she has a minor in Arabic and Islamic Studies. She's been tutoring child and family development, biology, chemistry, and math for three years. She plans on attending medical school next fall.


During her free time she likes to hike, read and do pencil drawings. She is currently working towards pursuing her medical degree.

LENA - Biology & Chemistry


Nick got his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from UCSD and his Master of Education at the University of Concordia. He has been a high school chemistry teacher for the last five years, but has tutored students in all sorts of subjects including math and Spanish.


He loves sports (go Lakers!), video games, and going on walks with his wife and their baby girl.

NICK - Biology & Chemistry