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High school was not easy for me. I struggled to navigate school and homework, friends, and parties. I suffered from anxiety, and probably a little ADHD. I would fight with my parents about why – why on earth – was I required to take classes I wasn't interested in. How was I supposed to be motivated to do well in these courses? It was a nightmare – for all involved.

As a college student, I did a little better. I had an amazing physics professor during my freshman year who helped me connect with my learning. I did well in my engineering courses and became a tutor and instructor. Being a student myself at the time, I understood the struggle of learning. I watched the disconnected manner in which my professors introduced new material and I craved better instruction. There had to be a better way, right? I wanted to be better for my students; I wanted to relate to them and guide them, step by step, so that they would succeed as I had. 

As a young adult, I fell in love with tutoring, and later teaching, and worked to find the best way to support my students. I didn’t want to simply tutor them in math and physics, I wanted to mentor them through the storm that is high school. This is why I started Spark Tutors. I wanted to create a unique tutoring service whose mission is to make high school easier for both students and parents.

A little more about Spark Tutors

Hi, I'm Lola

Let me tell you, high school is hard -

high school is so hard!

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