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Tutoring & Academic Coaching

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Is your student struggling to get through a class? Is it affecting his confidence? Is it causing stress and anxiety? Or is your student determined to get an A in challenging honors or AP course? Either way, our tutors are here to help! 

Our expert tutors will not only help your child complete his homework and be prepared for upcoming tests, but also teach him study skills and problem-solving techniques to develop confidence and independence.

Here at Spark Tutors, we are strong believers in the power of "the struggle". By letting our students sit and struggle for a few minutes before jumping in with the solution, we aim to help students develop grit and determination!


Math and Science Tutoring

Middle & High School

Single Session

Not sure what you need yet?

No Problem! Pay as you go.




10 Pack

Ideal for students who need help once a week.




20 Pack

Ideal for students who need to meet 2-3 hours per week.




Elementary School

AP Courses

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