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What People Are Saying

Dawn Borger.png

Dawn Borger
Two Daughters at Point Loma High

Lola is the greatest tutor you will ever meet! We are so fortunate we found her. Whether your student needs 1:1 instruction to perform better or to promote early, she is fantastic. Her math/physics knowledge is matched by her ability to connect with kids and teach in a manner they learn from and enjoy. We have referred her to multiple other families whom also adore her. Lola is professional, friendly, reliable, flexible easy going and so, so smart.

Heather Wolff.png

Heather Wolff
Son and Daughter at Point Loma High

We felt extremely lucky to find out about Lola from Spark Tutors. A friend recommended her, and she is an amazing resource for tutoring! She was quickly able to identify holes in my son's math background. She covers a lot of material in one hour and understands how my son learns best. Lola helped him gain confidence in his math ability. Lola is professional, always on time, organized, and responsive.

Chance K.jpg

Chance K.
Son at Point Loma High

Lola from Spark Tutors is an exceptional tutor!  We were referred to Lola from a friend who highly recommended her for math tutoring.  Our son says that she caters to his learning style and is able to simplify and break down difficult concepts that make it easy for him to understand.  From a parent's perspective, she is well organized, timely, responsive, and easy to work with.  This school year is coming to an end but we look forward to working with her next year as well.   Thank you Lola!

Helen Willink.jpg

Helen Willink
Son and Two Daughters at Point Loma High

We have used both Lola and Jaz, both women are amazing, extremely well organized and have helped our children be successful in Math, Spanish, and Science. We will certainly be working with them again next year. Thank you.

Morgan Quinn.png

Morgan Quinn
Two Daughters

Lola tutors my 5th and 8th grader in math and has been an incredible educator and coach for them. I'm particularly impressed by the way she transitioned to online tutoring when the schools shut down - she didn't skip a beat! She gives them the individual, personalized help they need and does a great job adapting her approach to what they're learning in school. She's a critical part of their learning and we are so lucky to have found her!

Charlene Bray.jpg

Charlene Bray
Son at Saint Augustine High School

We are so so happy we found Spark Tutors. My son was having a really hard time with his virtual math class. The owner, Lola, quickly matched us with an amazing math tutor, Shannon, who has been an amazing resource for our son! Not only is Shannon able to break down complicated problems into small, easy steps, but she also provides him with great worksheets and study guides to prepare him for upcoming tests. We are so grateful!

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