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Summer Learning Loss is Real!

A recent study estimates that over the summer, students lose 25 to 30% of the material they learned during the previous school year!
Your kids worked so hard throughout the year to learn all this material; we can help them retain it, and reinforce it! Summer books are boring, and you know your kids aren't opening their textbooks on their own. Let us help!
With as little as one session per week, we can strengthen the material they learned over the school year, look ahead to next year, and even have a little fun! Especially when transitioning from middle school to high school, we will prepare your kids for the upcoming year and the new challenges and expectations it brings, and laying the groundwork for a successful school year!
Let's start this upcoming year with confidence!

Summer Prep - PRICING


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This 10-session pack is ideal for students who need help once a week.



This 20-session pack is ideal for students who need to meet 2 or 3 hours per week.