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Help your student Ace their next test!

Studying for a test can be stressful, and it's even more stressfull if you don't know what to study!

If your student is anxious about an upcoming test, here are a couple tips to help them prepapre:

#1 Make sure they have a study guide

First, locate the study guide! Most teachers provide one; sometimes it's a list of topics discussed in class, sometimes it's a set of chapters in the book...

If your student doesn't have a study guide, have them practice their self-advocacy by reaching out to their teacher to clarify what will be on the test (read our tip on Self-Advocacy here.)

If it's too late to reach out to their teacher (like the night before the test, yikes!) you can make your own study guide by looking at all the homework assigned since the last test. It might not be a perfect study guide, but it's a great place to start!!

#2 Identify what needs the most review

Once they have that study guide, help your student identify what needs the most review. I like put each topic into three categories:

- material they know solid!

- material they kinda know.

- material they don't know at all...

I recommend starting with the material they know the least, and building from there. There are a lot of great resources online (like Khan Academy) that can help them re-learn material they really aren't comfortable with. (And you can always get them a great tutor 😉.)

#3 Practice, practice, practice

For all math and sciences, understand the material is a great start, but running through many, many practice problems is really the key to doing great on tests.

Encourage your student to complete as many practice problems as possible. Have your student re-do the problems they did in class. Have them re-do their homework. Most books have chapter tests at the end of each chapter, make your student do those! And, as always, they're great online resources (such as Kuta Software) that provide worksheets (with solutions!) to practice specific topics.

#4 Sleep!

I know this has been said a million times before, and it's getting cliché, but it cannot be said enough: sleep is crucial to learning. There is so much research that shows that sleep is absolutely pivotal to learning. In layman's term, during sleep, our brain moves new information from our short term memory to our long term memory, where we can access this information and use it later on. This is why cramming right before an exam doesn't work, our brains literally need to sleep on it!

Hope these tips help! And don't forget, Spark Tutors is always here to help if your student needs a little extra boost! 💛

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